Dr. Rodriguez for years has been asked where one can purchase his photos. As many of you may know, his photos have been published, displayed, and purchased for commercial and private use. Many people have seen his photos and may not be aware that Dr. Rodriguez himself took them. So....Here begins the source for you to get your artwork that you have admired in his office. We will start with some familiar pieces, and later add some never before displayed work.

Photos on this page may be purchased. Many are in stock, others need to be orders.

Prices below do not include Shipping and Handling costs

8 x 10 dry mounted with single white matte for 11 x 14" frame $32.00

8 x 10 dry mounted with single, bottom weighted white matte for 16x  20" frame $41.00

8 x 10 prints only $19.00

11 x 14 dry mounted with single white matte for 16 x 20" frame $66.00

11 x 14 print only $27.00

16 x 20 print only $38.00

Mattes are signed by Dr. Rodriguez ('B Rodriguez") unless otherwise requested

Captions for wall display are 4 x 6", mounted on black board, and have a hanger on the back. $3.00 each. Captions include the text that follows the photos where available. This will be a page that is constantly changing.

Delivery: Pick up at office - no charge

Shipping & Handling Charges - to the United States

8 x 10 photos only any quantity                        $6.95

11 x 14 photos only any quantity                      $7.95

photos in 11 x 14 mattes any quantity             $9.95

photos in 16 x 20 mattes any quantity           $12.95

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Benjamin Rodriguez MD, FACS

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

 ABMS Double Board Certified