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Dr. Rodriguez,

Thank you for everything you've done for me! Of course you're an excellent surgeon, but what makes you so unique is your great personality. I always feel that I have your undivided attention. You put me at ease by being able to talk about anything with me. Your patients and understanding are so appreciated when I ask you endless questions from my list!

You're so admired by putting your talents to such good use in third world countries, but I feel so grateful you're here in Vegas, too!

Thank Again, J.K. 

Dr. Rod,

Thank you for giving me the signed 1977 Gallery Photo of the Oregon Coast. It is being framed preservation style. I am looking forward to hanging it in my office, and I will enjoy it for years.

​Best Wishes, J.G.

Dr Rodriguez and his very professional staff as well as his very homely and relaxing office, have made me feel very special. I came to see Dr Rodriguez via an appointment and had decided, having seen many other doctors, that this would be the last surgeon I had a consultation with, due to dissapointments created by a previous doctor and no faith or very little of it, in finding someone I could feel at ease and confident with. Having gone round in circles to enable me to find the office, and near enough deciding to give up, I gave it one more shot, and eventually found it. As I walked in I felt so comfortable. There was nothing which allowed me to feel ill at ease, the staff at the reception were friendly and enabled me to feel welcomed. The forms to be filled in were not as complicated to fill as many other practices. When I met Dr Rodriguez, I could not help but have a vast amount of admiration for this man and his work abroad. Dr Rodriguez also came across as 100% genuine, caring and very kind. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I did not see myself being able to have this wonderful surgeon work on me for another year,possibly longer, however, even though I will not go into details, I wil be able to have my surgery soon. I am over the moon with the practice, the way I have been treated by the staff especially Susan, which has been with kindness and understanding and will most certainly highly recommend whoever decides they are seeking cosmetic surgery to have a consultation with Dr Rodriguez.. From J********** with a vast amount of gratitude​

My fourteen year old son set a destination on his GPS via his phone. He was directing me to turn left, right and so on. He stated to me, "mom turn right." I looked over my right shoulder and said to him, "I can't there is a car there." He said, " No mom, turn right." To my surprise I was actually viewing my upper eyelid, thinking it was another object, a car. So that night I went home and took a long look in the mirror. I could not believe how droopy they had become. I did not feel as old as I looked. My son would also say, "You look mad all the time." I never put the two together. I thought it was one of those teenager things. So I started my research...

In doing my research to find a plastic surgeon, Dr. Rodriguez was highly referred and through his organization Operation Smile, I knew he was the one. I am only 48 years old and gravity started to take over. It wasn't until I had this experience in my car driving that day that I ask this questions, is this really happening to me? My main focus, no pun intended, was my peripheral vision becoming non-existent due to drooping eyelids. Also, I possibly found a surgeon who could revise a scar on my upper lip from a bicycle accident as a young child, that had already been surgically repaired but felt it needed a touch up. And the funny thing is...

I don't think Dr. Rodriguez realized how much my peripheral view was compromised. Well for that matter, I didn't realize how much until the surgery was done. I am a registered nurse and none of my patients since the surgery, have asked me , "having a hard day?" Everything is brighter and my peripheral vision is back. So Dr. Rodriguez thanks for enlightening my vision and outlook on life! And thanks to your wonderful staff for guiding me along the way through this procedure and you were all so supportive!

It's been three months post-op eyebrow lift, blephaplasty and upper lip fraxel and an added bonus, people compliment me on how refreshed I look! And thanks for what you do for others. Operation smile!!!!

Forever grateful,
E.T. Las Vegas, Nevada 2014

Choosing a plastic surgeon was a process of interviews, research, and comparisons. Dr. Rodriguez was unique: he views his work as a calling, not just a career. His staff is highly experienced and dedicated to ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

The effects of aging - weight gain, double chin, deep circles - had me looking at a stranger in the mirror, and was seriously contributing to feelings of depression. Even though it takes many weeks for the full benefits of a facelift to develop, I felt an immediate relief from the blues and a huge boost of happiness.

Dr. Rodriguez has given me back my face. And I am continuing to use him for other major procedures. The financial investment in his artistry is paying me back in countless rewards.
Mary K. Las Vegas

WONDERFUL practice, everyone here is so polite. I just returned from having my second laser hair removal treatment here; if you are thinking about laser hair removal, this is THE place to go, their treatments are painless and very effective. I have also had injectable facial fillers here, and I was very pleased with the results, I would recommend this place to anyone!
April M., Yelp

Dr Rodriguez has hands touched by God!  His office staff is very friendly and helpful.  Dr Rod is not only an amazing cosmetic surgeon in Las Vegas, but his philanthropic work helping children in impoverished countries is unparalleled!!
Jen S., Yelp

I would give 6 stars if I could, especially on bedside manner (usually my biggest complaint when searching for a doctor I like). Dr. Rodriguez is experienced, skilled, and meticulous in his craft. His sense of artistry combined with his skilled surgeon's hands can work miracles. He is very forthright about discussing procedures and options with you so that you can be an informed patient. He is very honest about his assessments and he is truly interested in listening to your concerns and wishes and then apt at guiding you to your best self with those in mind. He has gentle hands and a very real demeanor. He is a doctor who cares with a professional opinion that is thorough and completely trustworthy. And he's amazing.

C.K., Realself

I found Dr. Rodriguez on the MiraDry website and his receptionist, Sharon, has been just a very dedicated and helpful since I had to drive 5 hrs from my town to get MiraDry done. Tech dedicated to do my procedure, I think her name was Alba, had the procedure done herself, so she was very helful and caring. Overall, fantastic experience. The entire appointment took 3 hrs instead of 1.5 hrs I was told, but the result is worth it. Going to check the mirror again :)
SCouther, Realself

I have visited his often, for recommendations .I had other small things done. He recommended liposuction for the main issue I  was hoping to correct.
Liposuction was scheduled.  He explained all that would happen, and his surgical nurse, Monica, also went over the procedures.
The meds I was to refrain from, and Arnica that would be helpful to take for bruising was explained.
As we were getting ready for the procedure, all involved made me feel very comfortable.
Everything went as planned, and had no pain.
I had a friend take me back as  prescribed, changed bandages. 
Recovery went very well.
It was the best procedure I have ever done.
J.A. Angies List

Was looking to have my eye done and some other issues
Dr Rodriguez was very patient and helpful, did not try to sell me, made me very comfortable.
I would defiantly use this Dr if I decide to have any treatment.
Staff were very nice indeed
S.L. Angies List

I did my interviewing and "shopping" for a plastic surgeon last November.  Dr. Rod was an easy choice for his experience, his personal ethics, and his loyal and long-time staff.  He did a face lift for me in December, and it went so well I booked him for the tummy tuck in May.  Everything has been healing beautifully, and my only regret is that I did not get this done ages ago!  He and his staff have always given me all the time I've needed for questions and follow-ups.  I'm so satisfied overall that I've booked him for another bit of sculpting in October
M.K. Angies List

Dear Dr Rodriguez, ... There are not enough words to express how grateful we are for your professionalism, leadership, and compassion. It is only through your hard work that we are able to reach the thousands of waiting children who have no other hope. On behalf of all the families whose lives we have transformed together, thank you for always standing with us. Thank you for serving as an essential member of our team. With deepest gratitude, Dr. Bill and Kathy Magee Co-founders Operation Smile Norfolk, VA

Dr. Ben, Thanks for the "Body Work"! You always manage to put me at ease and I always deeply appreciate the caring and professional attitude... CK, Oregon

Dear Doctor Rodriguez, Monica, Susan, Judy, and Marianne, You've all been so wonderful to me through this procedure; I just wanted to thank you for such special care. Your gifted hands, artist's eye, and kind heart, Doctor, are combined with compassionate and professional staff. Wow, how do you bear all that! It's only been 5 days since my surgery as I write this and I already love my new face. Thank you again, to each of you. Sincerely, JS, Las Vegas

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity & artistry is unmatched. When *** picked me up at the airport I received the ultimate compliment – “you still like like you –only better and younger!” And of course *** thanks you & appreciates the time & effort it took during his procedure. You are the kind of physician all physicians should strive to emulate – compassionate, responsible, altruistic, & the best in your specialty!! Thank you, D&BB, Colleville, TX (physician)

Dr. Rodriguez, Congratulations on being named one of our city's Top Doctors by Seven Magazine! What an honor!... Sincerely, KC, Las Vegas

"I can't thank you all enough for taking such good care of me. You were all so patient and gentle with me from the beginning to the end. I am sending a special surprise from Kauai, so watch for it! May God bless all of you!" KL, Hawaii

Dr Rodriguez, 'Thank you' is inadequate in terms of what you have given to me and added to my life... Because of your incredible work with me, I will now go out into the world and do good and meaningful work. You gave me a fine example of what it means to have a high level of job satisfaction too. I will NEVER forget you! TW, Las Vegas

Dr Rod: THANK YOU OH SO MUCH...For treating me in such a professional & personal manner...& am totally stoked about the outcome of my surgery.  Also - please thank all of your ladies for treating me so nicely!" EL, Las Vegas

"Dr Rod did a full tummy tuck on me when I was in my late 30's...It was the best thing I ever did for myself.  I never looked back, and I am so proud of my body now! Dr. Rod's work was exceptional, and he is an incredible professional.  He and his office staff provided me with the best care through all stages of the surgery. I recommend Dr. Rod to anyone looking for the very best plastic surgeon. I was blessed to find such a wonderful doctor. LL, Las Vegas

Dear Dr. Rodriguez, I'm so very pleased with your artistic hand and vision in restoring my youthful appearance. I'm unable to put it into adequate words the appreciation and happiness you've given to me. God bless you, NS, Las Vegas

Dr Rod, I can't thank you enough for all you have done, the patience you had, the compassion, and kindness. This surgery was done for me and my results are above and beyond any expectations I could ever have. Now I can start the next chapter of my life with a great start...You are truly an amazing person in all you do. I could not have made a better choice." TC, Las Vegas

Each time I read the annual calendar I'm so fortunate to receive yearly from you , I am blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I recall back to May of 2003 when you performed a tummy tuck and removed about 15 pounds of fat from my abdomen! You gave me the opportunity to recover at home with a safe feeling and sure knowledge that "all went well." However, as skilled an aesthetic plastic surgeon you are, it is your adventurous travels and repair surgeries you perform that has you placed on a near pedestal status to me. God bless you, Dr. Rodriguez. Very truly yours, DK, Las Vegas

Because of your great care in my "restoration" I can send picture cards this year! NS, San Diego

Dr Rod "fixed me up boob wise" after 3 kids.  My husband is very happy, but most importantly, I am.  I wish Dr. Rod would open an office in Vancouver, BC  He's a good man, and a brilliant photographer, not to mention his contribution to people who really need it.   I've recommended him to all my friends.   S & T, Vancouver, British Columbia

"I was so impressed with you and your work that I am bringing my daughter to see you for some Botox just around her eyes. She is visiting here from California. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again... L, Las Vegas

"Amazingly the benefits from your laser treatment to me over 10 years ago are still apparent. So glad & grateful that you were the physician to come into Dr Dombrowski's practice and then make it your own. With fondness and admiration," MVM, Las Vegas

"Received your calendar yesterday. It's really beautiful. Hard to pick a favorite but I keep coming back to the women washing the clothes - and the Tibetan flags. Then the men on the truck - love their faces. Enough of this, I love 'em all!! Thank you-" BW, Las Vegas

"I wish you an exciting journey to Jordan. You have always done such wonderful things for the less fortunate. You are a good guy and I'm proud to know you." CT, Las Vegas, (referring to Operation Smile surgical mission, Amman, Jordan, 2009)

Dr Rod, Congratulations on Physician of the Year! You have changed so many lives in so many places. God uses you well. Thank you for our beautiful calendar. Keep up the great work. Best wishes, MK, Washington

Dr. Rodriguez: Hey there Dr. Rod! Just a quick little note to say Thank You so much for the amazing job you did on my breast augmentation. You truly have a gift from God and I feel blessed having you in my life. Thank you again! NZ, Las Vegas

Dear Ben, I hope you are doing great and have had some good rest after the mission. I would like to take the chance to thank you for your extraordinary work.  It has been a great pleasure working with you. You should give yourself a round of applause for you have been such an outstanding doctor with a wonderful spirit. I wish to see you soon in Jordan yours; mohammed shahait, medical student (soon to be Dr. Mohammed Shahait)

Dear Dr Rodriguez, Thank you for the Fraxel procedure that was done today.  I appreciate it very much. Best wishes, RW P.S. You have the best staff - they are all super!!

Dear Dr. Rodriguez, Thank you for remembering my birthday!  It was in 2003 that you did a tummy tuck on me. Who knows where the time goes? Each December I have the joy of receiving a new year calendar from you. Dr. Rodriguez, you are ever kind to remember an old patient, I so appreciate you. Respectfully, DK, Las Vegas

Dear Dr. Rod, A note to thank you for thinking of me and sending your "2009 Calendar." Wow, a very emotional and wonderful that you are able to help so many people in need. The scenery is beautiful! July is my  birthday month - I love all the bright colors. Well, I will probably see you soon - I need a little maintenance! So take care & enjoy a blessed New Year. Sincerely, BK, Las Vegas

I can't thank you enough for the special treatment I received in your office last week.  I felt like I knew each and every one of you before I got there and by the time I left I had en even better appreciation for everything you will be even better than the 40 - 60% you promised doc.  You over delivered (again)! Thank you for coming in early, adding my "extras" on at the last minute, ...and making it an enjoyable experience as anyone could have... JS, Reno, NV

Dear Ben, I always knew you were a great humanitarian! I was so pleased to see the article in Nevada Business honoring you for the time and talent that you give to those in need. Those of us that know you, have known for many years that you are truly a "Healthcare Hero." Congratulations on a well deserved recognition. Kindest Regards, GK, Las Vegas

Dear Dr Rodriguez, Congratulations on receiving the 2009 Healthcare Heros award! Thank you for your efforts to improve the health of the residents of Nevada. Sincerely, RN, Las Vegas

"Thank you so much for the super care you gave ----- as your patient. Love to you and your great staff  -all us" RT Seattle, WA

Dr Rodriguez & Staff, Thank you so much for all your care and concern.  You really helped me out by getting me in ... the next day. ...All of you went the extra mile and I really appreciate all of you.  Thank you, NL, Eureka Springs, AR

Dear Ben, It's been a pleasure working with you again.  I think you are a wonderful leader and everyone appreciated your humor and skill of bringing people together. I would love to have you on any future missions! JA, Mission Coordinator, Operation Smile, Norfolk, VA

Dear Dr Rod, With an artist's eye and a surgeon's hand you have a moved a mountain and turned some gray skies to blue in my life and many others around the world.   I have hoped to illustrate that in an oil painting of one of your beautiful photographs. May you and your family and your staff be blessed ten-fold for what you have done for others!!!  Thank you so much! I am grateful and so happy each time I see my reflection now. Love, JW, Las Vegas

Dr. Benjamin Rodriguez, Thank you so much for your generosity. I love the results of my Botox and Restylane. I enjoyed the whole environment of your office & your office staff.  I will continue to give you referrals. Take care and looking forward to seeing you again. Sincerely, LG, Las Vegas

Dear Dr Rodriguez and Staff, I just want to express how happy I am with the outcome of my surgery. Not only is the work you performed BEAUTIFUL, I am also ecstatic with you and your staff's outstanding performance, professionalism, kindness, patience, and care! Everyone has made me feel more than comfortable before, during, and still after the surgery. Being a great doctor with a great bedside manner and a fantastic staff is like a diamond in the rough. I would recommend you to anyone who would inquire about your type of service. I am also proud to talk to others about your wonderful efforts in other countries for those less fortunate. Thank you so much Noelle, Monica, Judy, Susan, and Dr Rod - you all Rock Sincerely, CM, Las Vegas  

Dear Dr. Rodriguez- Thank you for the birthday gift to me. The skin freshening treatment was indeed a day brightener. I appreciate so much your thoughtful gift. My best wishes to you and your staff now, and through the coming year. With kindest regards, GG, Las Vegas  
  To Dr. Benjamin Rodriguez and Staff, A note of thanks for my lovely and unexpected gift of the glycolic peel ( for my hands) that I received this past April. It was the nicest gift of all and a reflection of the thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity which Dr. Rodriguez has come to be known for. As for my skin? The results were wonderful. The peel left the skin on my hands---like butter. As you know, I’m currently appearing in the show, ****, and it would be my pleasure to have you as my guest some evening at your leisure. Please feel free to call me and come by for the show. Thank you again ever so much, MS, Las Vegas

    Dear Dr. Benjamin J. Rodriguez M.D. You really made a change in my life – feel better about my self – and yes people have noticed asking what did you have done or what did you do to yourself – Thank you again for all – DK, Las Vegas

    Please know how much I appreciate all you have done for me. Thank you. God bless. Sincerely, CD, Irving, TX

        Dear Dr. Rodriguez & Monica, and Staff, Just a little thank you for all of the compassion, friendly attitudes, smiles, & even hugs!! You have all been absolutely wonderful to me and I certainly appreciate it. Much love to all of you!! AE, Las Vegas  

Dear Dr Rodriguez, For a long time now I've wanted to say thanks for the beautiful and meaningful calendars you have sent me for the last two years. I feel great admiration for the work you do in struggling countries, and the pictures capture the soul of things, whether it's a face or a mountain or a scene. I truly appreciate your dedication in her fractured world. Again, thank you, GF, Las Vegas

Dear Benjamin: Congratulations on your Jefferson award. You must be so very proud, as we are. It must feel so rewarding to change a life, in such a big way, as you were such a blessing in my life. The world could use more selfless people like you! SF& Family, Las Vegas

Dear Dr B & Monica, Thank you so much for taking care of me and for getting me in for surgery so quick. You guys are amazing! I always feel like family when in the comfort of your office and in your hands. I just wanted to say thanks!  Always, JR, Las Vegas

Dr Rod, Monica & Susan, Thank you all so much for sewing my melon back together Friday afternoon. That office made me feel so at ease and comfy, it was amazing! Thank you all for your warm hearts and compassion, I am appreciative beyond words! Sincerely, JM, Las Vegas

Dear Dr Rodriguez, Your Calendars are not only the most wonderful photographic art, but also a great attitude adjuster on those days when I've been grumpy, self-centered and have taken for granted my many blessings. Thank you for your highly skilled demanding work, and with the calendars, giving insight of the heart and spirit. May God always bless you and your staff, keeping all of you well and safe. Fondly, MM, Las Vegas

Carta de Gratitud (letter of thanks) written by an eight-year-old. Translated from Spanish  Cuenca-Ecuador, April 30, 2010 ... I owe Interplast a great part of my happiness. Ask someone who misses being run over by a car what is a second of life and the overwhelming joy that they have when they find themselves with their loved ones; ask a soldier when a bullet misses his heart by a millimeter how he can understand and appreciate the joy of distances. Likewise, joy, perhaps I cannot explain my happiness. In my little heart I carry an infinite joy and thanks to Interplast, that in your mission of humanitarian help, in three surgeries have given me the face that I have and the smile that gives me so much joy and fascinates my parents and siblings. A profound thanks is born from the most intimate part of my being. I carry you in my heart. Perhaps, I knew you before you were born, because you have helped thousands of people for many past decades. The magical hands that moves the scalpel does miracles. But what I like the most is all of the humanitarian work that you do that benefits the areas most in need on the planet. I pray that God pays you for your kindness and love because beyond this world you will always have an important place, hands that give, will be handset receives, people that serve, will be served, those that give love, will be loved. I love you much and will always carry you in my heart. See you soon. I always look forward toseeing you each time you visit. Thank you. Maria, eight years, five months old, Ecuador

Dr. Rodriguez, Congrats for receiving your recent honor in Washington DC!  The impact you've made on this world is very impressive. I'm proud to call you my doctor! Blessings- SS, Las Vegas

Dr. Rod, thank you for going extra mile! I appreciate your excellent work and her kindness. Take care… Always, JE, Las Vegas

To Dr. Rod: thank you for a great rotation. I had a great time on your service and office. Your life will definitely be part of my blueprint for my life when I start working. It's refreshing to see you give so much of your life to the service of others and really enjoy it. I think your attitude may have rubbed off on me and hopefully I'll be doing the same in a few years. God bless you and your missions, it's a great service to the world. JK, medical student III

Dear Dr Rodriguez, This surgery month has been one of the best rotations I've ever had so far! Thank you for being patient with me and allowing me to do some awesome things... Your grade teacher! Hopefully I have taught you some Vietnamese in return, if not I will translate for you when you come to Vietnam. Please keep in touch. It's been a pleasure working with you sir! ATN, third-year medical student, Touro University

To Dr. Rodriguez, Monica, and staff: Just a little thank you for all the compassion, friendly attitudes, smiles, and even hugs!! You have all been absolutely wonderful to me and I certainly do appreciate it. Much love to all of you!! AE, Las Vegas

Dr Ben, the plastic surgeon I went to see with a lot of trepidation and anxiety. What a job he did on the nip and cut how embarrassed I was he had to see my butt. My body is thinner and I'm happier you see and my husband will meet me at the airport with glee. So, thanks to the doctor who made it all possible and did what I thought was mission impossible. KR, Dallas, TX

Dear Dr. Rodriguez, On behalf of the entire Operation Smile staff in the patient you have personally helped heal around the world, we want to wish you a safe and happy holiday season. We look forward to seeing you on a mission in 2012! Happy holidays, KR volunteer manager, Operation Smile, Norfolk, VA

Dearest Dr Rodriguez, Your skill is undeniable. Your bedside manner is second to none, I feel so lucky to know you and am always confident that I am in the best of hands. thank you NG Las Vegas

Dear Ben- Thank you for another wonderful addition to our art collection! I greatly appreciate the care & skill that you so artistically apply to the patients I refer. W also appreciate & support you being such a "humane" being! Best, E, Las Vegas

Dear Dr. Rodriguez, I want to thank you againFor remembering me withA gift of your beautiful2012 calendar.Your photography is amazing as is your cosmetic surgery-Beautiful! Thank you and I wish for you all of God's blessings, FW, Las Vegas

The calendar has arrived- Thank you so much. It's great to have a calendar that goes from May 2012 through June 2013. And as always, the Photographs are beautiful,And I enjoyed reading the description of each one. See you soon (probably in June) LB, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Dr. Rod, I would like to thank you for remembering me with one of your insightful calendars.I t truly is about Real Life...God hasChosen you to do his will with your powerful mind, knowledgeable hands, and gracious heart. You do what you do with conviction and a loving soul. God bless you, Dr. Rod. I feel honored to know you. JR, Las Vegas

Dear Dr. Rod- Another great calendar-I love the colors in the"Rickshaw Driver" and the contrast of the "Blue City". Many thanks. BW, Las Vegas

Dear Doctor Rodriguez, I want to thank you for sending me your calendar. The photos were Breathtaking and gave me a glimpse into another world.How exciting and rewarding your travels must be. Thank youAgain for sharing your travels with me. Thank you, BH, Las Vegas

Dear Dr. Rodriguez, Thank Q again for sendingMeet this year's calendar.The pictures are wonderful.I especiallyLike the Bangladesh train station.Thank you too for takingCare of so many children and adults who need your surgery.Fondly, MP, Las Vegas

I am thrilled to have a "Dr. Rod's calendar". Many, many thanks for sending one to me. I have just returned from spending three months with XX In Idaho.She is fine, busy as ever, and she looks great!!! Sincerely, A, Las Vegas

Dear Dr. Rodriguez:   I just want to say a quick thanks for remembering my birthday and for the present of the facial treatment. Both touched me deeply an much appreciated. ... The treatment and visit were most enjoyable and reminded me how pleasant a trip to your doctors office can be. Kind regards, RK, Las Vegas

Dr Rodriguez~ I just received your calendar - The photos & the captions are absolutely spectacular - It's so important to see & understand - hopefully - other cultures - outside of Clark County- Thank you, R, Las Vegas

Dear Dr. Rod, I knew if I called you'd be with a patient or in surgery or traveling the world, but I cried when I got your calendar. You out did yourself (again)! Thank you! It makes me proud that I was able to work for you all those years! Love, SD, Las Vegas

Dear Dr Rodriguez, Thank you so very much for sending me your new 2012-2013 calendar - I am in awe (a word everyone uses too much, but I save for very special people). I liked the cover and thought the mother and son were handsome. I look through and admired your talented art and looked back at the cover again - I hadn't noticed the lady's lip at all. I only saw a beautiful face!... Fondly, GP, Las Vegas

Dr Rodriguez- I very much always appreciate your incredible calendar every year. Thank you for your thoughtfulness & for all your work in helping these lovely people. Sincerely, JS, Las Vegas

Dear Ben, I saw the TV piece that they did on your humanitarian efforts and thought they did a very nice job. I hope you are happy with it. Just wanted to send a note to say congratulations on your work. You and your family should be very proud of what you are accomplishing. May you be able to do it as long as you desire. God Bless you for your efforts. Again, congratulations on your work! Respectfully yours, AR, Las Vegas

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity & artistry is unmatched. When *** picked me up at the airport I received the ultimate compliment – “you still like like you –only better and younger!” And of course *** thanks you & appreciates the time & effort it took during his procedure. You are the kind of physician all physicians should strive to emulate – compassionate, responsible, altruistic, & the best in your specialty!! Thank you, D&BB, Colleville, TX (physician)

Dear Ben, I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful calendar. The photos are extraordinary. Also, a belated congratulation on being Physician of the year 2008. Your humanitarian work has been inspirational. With best regards, HA, Las Vegas

Dear Dr. Rodriguez, Thank you very much for the calendar you sent last week. I received it several days ago and very much enjoyed the photos and stories. Although I don't believe I have had the opportunity to work with you I can clearly see you do remarkable work! I have been an RN for 27 years and have always wanted to get involved in those types of missions, if you ever need an extra pair of hands I would be honored to go and work. In any event, thank you for thinking of the nurses, it was a thoughtful gesture. SL, Las Vegas

Dear Dr. Rod, Thank you once more for your beautiful calendar. Your pictures are more spectacular every year, and I look forward to looking at them through your eyes. Your eye for beauty should be an inspiration to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery. Considering that I used to be an O.R. nurse and also worked for a cosmetic surgeon, I must tell you that you are the BEST! Gratefully, GS, Las Vegas

Dear Dr Benjamin J. Rodriguez, M.D. You really made a change in my life - feel better about my life - and yes, people have noticed asking what did you have done... Thanks again for all - DJK, Las Vegas

Dear Dr. Rodriguez, Thank you for your time last week...The work you do is remarkable. Hopefully, more students will be able to follow in your footsteps one day... Best, WS, Reno, NV

Ben, ...I admire you for all your travels and humanitarianism throughout the world! You're an asset to our country and medical community. Keep up the great work! SH, Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Rodriguez, Congratulations on the announcement of your selection as an Alumni Association Award reception for Professional Achievement. Very impressive! Tom Schwenk Dean, University of Nevada School of Medicine

Dear Dr. Rodriguez, M.D. I just wanted to thank you...for seeing me so quickly. You really are one-of-a-kind. A person who could be puffed up with good reason, but who is still so approachable and willing to help anyone in need. I knew someone with your experience in ER for 20 years had probably seen a little of everything. It was comforting to know that my doctor was on the right track... this life is quite the adventure and challenge. With all your good works, I'm sure you have already passed the test, now it's just that enduring to the end. With a grateful heart we thank you, G&TE, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Dr Rodriguez, Many Thanks for your exquisite calendar!!! ...I am ever grateful tor the cosmetic surgeries of past by you ...that have enabled me to continue a performance career...Your fine medical staff that I remember...please relay my regards and fond memory of their great care, and of course, but most respect and admiration to you... Do take care of your hard working self! Wishing you all God's blessings. MM, Las Vegas

Dear Ben, Your humanitarian efforts and accomplishments area reflection of your genuine uniqueness. My heartfelt thanks for the educational calendar and outstanding photographs. Extend my prayers and love to your entire family. SO, Santa Barbara, CA

Dearest Dr Rod- I wanted to take this privileged opportunity to thank you for so many things1 Mark for the talented and generous man you are!I see the righteous light in your eyes and thinking all about the superior things that you do with absolute expertise.I thank the Lord for allowing me to know you-not just for getting rid of my wrinkles, but for being so generous about doing it obviously for so many righteous and providing reasons. Your wife is one blessed women and I am sure that your beautiful children were hand-picked for the two of you I will especially treasure the picture attached to the story about the loving father and his daughter and all the selfless efforts made on her behalf.That is going on my wall -frame. So-all the thanks go to you and all of your associates that perform those miraculous tasks for people who would otherwise not be able to do for themselves.You are one of the Lord's Blessed spirits and I shall not only never forget you and your wonderful staff, but will pray for your health, life, and safety... Keep up the miraculous work that you do and all of your wonderful attributes. May the Lord bless and keep you and your family always! Bless you, bless you, bless you!! Sincerely, LB, Las Vegas, (one of, I am sure, your greatest fans)

Hello Dr. Rodriguez, when I walked into your office some weeks ago I never would have expected that connection I would be making... Thank you very much for including me in your calendar send-out. And thank you for giving back to people around the world. I'm inspired by the intense passion you have for helping people in need, or profession, and the creative arts. Congratulations on a life well done. Good health and prosperity, VC, Las Vegas

Dear Dr Rodriguez, Thank you for leading Team Taiyuen! Your strength, leadership and dedication to our mission acts as a shining light to your fellow volunteers on the mission and around the world. Your commitment to the safethy of our patients and volunteers makes our job so much easier when we know the "reins" of the mission are in your capable hands. We look forward to seeing you next time! All the best, Kelly Roenker, Operation Smile, Norfolk, VA

Dr Rodriguez, Thank you so much for the wonderful treat you provided for me for my birthday. The peel looks great. You have a delightful staff. Thank you again. Sincerely, EK, Las Vegas

Dr Rod and staff- Thank you for all the wonderful care (and results!) all of you provided. Thank you, Dr Rod, for your incredible artistic soul and ability in all things... Highest regards & much gratitude, DR, Las Vegas

Dear Dr Rodriguez, Meeting you was a pleasure. You are definitely one of our worlds special people. Thank you for taking care of ***. Love, JC, Gloucester, MA

Dr Dr Rodriguez, Thank you for being so generous with your time and letting me interview you. I know that you were busy that night getting ready for your 30th trip. The information abouit your work and life was very insightful & I'm positive that I can write an amazing paper. I will make sure you get a copy. I hope your trip to the Philippines was very successful. Sincerely, SD, Las Vegas

Dear Dr Rodriguez, Thank you so much for leading Team Tashkent! Your strength, leadership, and dedication to our mission acts as a shining light to your fellow volunteers an the mission and around the world. Your commitment to the safety of our patient and volunteers makes our job so much easier when we know the “reins” of the mission are in your capable hands. We look forward to seeing you next time! Best, Kelly Roenker, Operation Smile, Norfolk, VA

Ben- I cannot thank you enough! LS, California

Dear Dr Rodriguez, Thanks you so much for letting me interview you. It was really fun to get to know more about you and what you do. I greatly appreciate how much charitable work you do. It is really cool to be able to serve others like that. Thanks again for the interview. You are a great example to me! Sincerely, SF, Las Vegas

Thank you Dr Rodriguez for your caring and kindness. I hope the angels do their best to guide your heart and your healing endeavors. Fondest regards, GS, Las Vegas

Dear Dr Rod, Thank you so much for being there for me. I really am thankful God made a Ben Rodriguez, not just for me but for all the people you have helped and healed over the years! You have such a beautiful gift doc, may God bless… Sincerely, KB, Washington

Dear Dr Rodriguez, I came to you under the belief I had a ruptured left breast implant. Your initial response was that there was a problem with my right breast implant, not the left. Your quick response to my problem revealed a large infection in my right breast, not a ruptured left breast implant. I feel that had I not come to you I  may have succumbed to the infection, as it was not being treated. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care and professionalism in saving my life. NM,
Dr Rodriguez,
Thank you for letting me rotate with you this month. I really enjoyed it. I really appreciate the time you spent teaching me, showing me how to suture & operate. Thank you for showing me the importance of serving those less fortunate. Thanks again,
JE, Medical student

Dear Dr Rodriguez,
I just wanted to write and say"thank you so much" for seeing *** and treating his little burnt hands. You are such an amazing doctor an a good man. Many, many thanks! May God bless you in all that you do!
B&MB, Las Vegas

Dear Doctor Rod,
I just want to let you know how pleased I am with the Laser treatment. Also to thank you for your kindness to me.
It's a wonderful feeling to be treated with such thoughtfulness!
Thank You So Much!
Happy New Year
DP, Las Vegas

Dr Rod and Staff-
Thank you so much for the miracle of giving me back my life (and my face!)
My accident will soon be just a memory- Without the scars.
-P, Las Vegas

Dr R.,
Sorry this thank you is so late. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you & than you so much for taping that cut on my face from my puppy. If it wasn't for you I'm sure it wouldn't look as good as it does today. Hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks again.
SS-M, Las Vegas

Dear Dr Rodriguez.
Thank you for always making me look my best. May all the food you do return to you and your family 1000x over.

Hi Dr Rod,
I just had to drop you a note to let you know I joined Anytime Fitness. When I got on the "giggle machine" my neck didn't giggle at all! Thank you for that!!!
Keep up the good work!
S, Las Vegas

Dear Dr. Rodriguez,
I'm so very pleased to have received your 2015 calendar! Your photography is always exquisite and full of thought, not just a calendar but a book of art. I save them all after each year has passed. Though I've not seen you for cosmetic repair or improvement in a very long time, I would go to no one else!
Thank you for the beautiful gift. (OOOO hugs....)
Wishing you, your staff and loved ones every possible blessing,
Warmest regards,
MVM, Las Vegas

Dr Gonzales (Dr Rodriguez has been called Morales, Gomez, Gonzales, etc),
Thank you for doing a wonderful surgery. It has made a considerable difference in the way my colleagues view me.
Also a big thank you for the photo of the boats in the harbor. I love it.

Dear Dr Rodriguez,
I wanted to say Thank You for seeing me. I appreciate the time you took and all the information you gave. You made sure I knew all about every procedure. Thank you again and I hope to see in the future.
Truly Appreciated,

Dr Rod,
I want to thank you for matching my outside with how I feel on the inside. You have an amazing talent and a big heart. I am so happy to know people like you exist in our world. I am going to miss your stories of your travels and of all the beautiful people you've helped. I truly enjoyed them. Thank you so much,

Dear Dr Rodriguez,
Thank you for the inspiring calendar.
You really are using your God given talent. Life changing for so many. I am honored to have you for my Doctor...

Dear Dr Rod,
Thank you for the impressive calendar defining your travels and showing us a glimpse of your humanitarian work.
Wishing you a wonderful, happy, and fulfilling new year!
Warmest regards,

Dear Dr. Rodriguez,
With gratitude this Christmas Season, for a special doctor - a gifted and highly skilled surgeon -who sees with his Heart! And for a most wonderful staff! Thank you!
​PS I'm so pleased with the improvement of my derriere, it looks so much better.
And yes Dr. Rodriguez I have noticed the repair work on the other side as well. Thank you so much!

Dr Rodriguez,
I wanted to thank you again for the Latisse. It was quite unexpected and caught me completely off-guard. I was only hoping for a discount. I don't know why I was surprised. I should've known you would do just what you did, be generous. It's the kind of man you are! Thank you!
You and your office staff have been so kind to me through the years. I just wanted you to know how grateful I am.
I appreciated you checking on me during the holidays. I will keep you posted on my health and will be in soon so you can check on me.
Thank you again!

Dear Dr. Rodriguez,
Just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I LOVE my "new face"! I get so many compliments (so of course I have to tell them how wonderful you are...(putting off your retirement Ha Ha)
Your office staff is amazing too! Thank you again Love! Love! Love!
My face(neck too! prob. my favorite) Made a huge difference getting rid of the "gobble neck" and fat with Lipo. thank you,


Dear Dr. Rodriguez,

You are a livin' doll! It was great laughing with you. Please continue to keep me young and beautiful. I believe my jowl line needs tightening - what do you recall? ...

s, las vegas

Dr. Rodriguez,

It Just doesn't seem like enough to say, I think you are an AMAZING Dr. and human being!!! Thank you!!! From the bottom of my heart for getting me in so quickly, so that I would have time to recover. You're the best!!! And thank you for the amazing work you did!!!

C, Las Vegas


thank you for the complementary facial peel. Judy did a great job. Hope to see you soon! Dr. Rod can perform his "magic" on the again soon.

SS, Las Vegas