Dr. Rod's face. The photos on the right are 8 years older. 

Vein laser (1064 nm) was used to shrink the bulging veins on his eye socket area.

Fractional (non-ablative) laser treatments (3) were done on the whole face. The old scar (1961) shows how much skin improvement persists despite being 8 years older and having logged 45,000 miles of bike riding under the southwest desert sun.

Visit this page soon for 16 year facial aging updates of Dr Rod's face.


2009 After Fraxel & Vein Laser (8 Years Older)  Veins still gone. 

Notice the smaller scar, about 1/3 of its original width (acquire in 1961). Also notice the age- related loss of facial volume (fat) in the cheek below the eye. 



Before laser treatment of bulging veins around eyes, circa 2001 

In 2007 He also had fractional laser treatments of his face.

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